Sunday, May 17, 2015

Product review: Nivea diamond shampoo & conditioner

It is not a interesting or new product but I am doing this as a reminder for myself. This shampoo and conditioner smells nice, and smell is only thing that helps me choose my shampoo. Of course, price is important too. I don't bother with all that text that is written on the packaging, because if I start reading that I end up with dilemma : '' Do I want more volume or more shinny hair?'', ''But I want both!'' ...And then  shopping lasts forever...
So it is  perfume and price, I know that is totally wrong way to buy something, but meh....I am also hoping to switch shampoos with no poo thing in the future, but these last forever when you want to get rid of them :)

 I dont like how my hair feels like after washing with these shampoo and conditioner. My hair ends up shinny and somehow dead , probably from all the diamonds that this shampoo contains. But it is somehow without volume but frizzy  and I have to wash it again the next day :)

So it is a don't buy this product again for me :D