Saturday, April 26, 2014

Oil cleansing method vs. Ignore your face care

So, somehow (time on pinterest :D)  I heard for oil cleansing method and naturally since that is womanly thing to do, when someone says that something will maybe make your skin look beautiful I had to try it :D..

I see that garnier invented something like that with jojoba& macadamia oils.

Since I am more of a DIYer and I also had all ingredients laying around the house collecting dust, I took out olive oil and castor oil and mixed them in a small bottle (50:50) . I also added few drops of tea tree drops.

I took a few drops of mixture, put it on my face and put hot towel and waited for it to cool down. Than I washed my face with water. I did it  maybe 3 times and then stopped. I stopped because my skin never broke out so badly as after that one oil thing. Apparently my combination skin didn't like it and I was afraid to continue.  And it was somewhat of a time consumer anyway :D

Immediately , I switched to minimal face care. I wash my face with water every morning and evening and before I go out of the house I put some face cream vulgaris. I use make up remover to remove what is left of make up after water (mostly mascara, BB cream and concealer is washed with water). And I use facial tissues only , that is important too I think.

I realized that my skin always looked best when I ignored it! That goes specially for picking on face/zits.

As for the rest of oil mixture I think I will try to use it as make up remover. It dissolves waterproof makeup really nice. And it is cheaper. And castor oil is, according to my mum :D, great for lash growth.