Wednesday, January 7, 2015

RP : Mixa bb cream review

Tinted moist..whops, I meant  BB creams are thing right now, everyone has to have one. I bought this Mixa BB cream because it said that it is good for sensitive skin and it has anti redness ability and also, mum was paying so then it is easier to try new things, right?

Mine is natural rose shade. I have pink undertone so this fits me. They also have BB anti redness cream shade Natural gold and CC anti redness cream with SF 15 which is white . It is paraben and alcohol free product.


I use it with my beauty blender, after regular cream, and my skin definitively looks nicer after I put it. My skin color evens out, and it gives a little bit dewy finish and I like that, I feel younger for some reason because of that :D


 I have already repurchased another one :)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

TV Show one MUST watch


It is a British sitcom. Episodes are 25 minutes long. Sadly it only has 25 episodes, but they made strong impact on everyone that I know watched this show and they remember it. Story is about every day events in IT department in Reynholm Industries. IT department consist of two socially awkward guys Roy and Moss and then, there is also Jen, head of their department / relationship manager who knows nothing about computers or memory or RAM.
I constantly end up on videos like these:


.. list goes on is hard for me to pick out my favorite scene ..

anyhow, WATCH IT CROWD !!!

 It is BRILLIANT in my book!

Somebody watched it already and has favorite clips to share? :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

So we have new number there 2015

First there was alcohol shopping, then there was a lot of crackling noise and heavy drinking and then light started to increase, more noise, more cheer..dogs became upset, friends are drunk and..yay we have beginning of  New Year ..that is chance for making new plans and starting new ways one would say, but I am not planning person type..

First thought on first morning of January: You should stop drinking so much! and if you could measure mornings on first day in new year, mornings would start at 2pm, not bad at all. It was a slow day after ''morning'', half of day spent watching Gone with the wind, and the other half eating of course.  I hope everyone had more fun and less hangover headache!

Happy New Year!