Wednesday, January 7, 2015

RP : Mixa bb cream review

Tinted moist..whops, I meant  BB creams are thing right now, everyone has to have one. I bought this Mixa BB cream because it said that it is good for sensitive skin and it has anti redness ability and also, mum was paying so then it is easier to try new things, right?

Mine is natural rose shade. I have pink undertone so this fits me. They also have BB anti redness cream shade Natural gold and CC anti redness cream with SF 15 which is white . It is paraben and alcohol free product.


I use it with my beauty blender, after regular cream, and my skin definitively looks nicer after I put it. My skin color evens out, and it gives a little bit dewy finish and I like that, I feel younger for some reason because of that :D


 I have already repurchased another one :)