Friday, June 20, 2014

RPR : treaclemoon O - the raspberry kiss

So, while I was walking through shelves with body lotions I noticed something so sweet I had to have it!.. I found basked filled with little pink and can't-ignore neon green bottles .. well, I love mini packaging ...only thing to do was to try and resist buying awesome green one ( green was called ginger morning and it was too risky because ginger has hard smell )..

So I bought this :

It is called the raspberry kiss, brand is treaclemoon. Label says that it is a body milk. But it feels like a body lotion, too watery. I use it as hand cream. It has small pump and 60ml.

My impressions :

- at first it feels watery, but after less than minute you are left with soft
non-sticky hands, that will smell of sweet raspberries for hours (well, that is until you wash your hands ofc :D).

/on the back of the bottle it is written: getestet wurde es nur an uns selbst, nicht an Tieren. aww das is süß! / It is not tested on animals :) 

I already bought second :D

Cheers! :)