Thursday, June 5, 2014

Random Product Review : Mixa micellar water

I wanted to buy any micellar water, I saw this, for me, new brand and it was cheap and also I liked that Mixa has a pump, so i decided to take that..

It says on the bottle that it is for sensitive and reactive skin and eyes, it has vitamin B5 and rose extract. Also it is paraben  and alcohol free and hypoallergenic. It has 200ml.

Things I LIKE about it:

+  it smells nice, like rose, it is mild, pleasant  scent

+  It removes most of my makeup and I don't have to rub my eyes for that, but for that effect cotton pad should be saturated

+  I have that one bottle for about 4 months and I am using it daily, it last long time, at least for me

+  it was cheap ( back then, garnier micellar water came out shortly after I bought this )

+  it is water and my skin feels nice after i use this so I would say that thing about sensitive eyes and skin is true

+  it doesn't sting when it gets into my eyes

Things I don't like:

-  that's kinda funny, but I don't like that PUMP. When I press it, too much fluid goes out of the bottle and not on the cotton pad, but somewhere beside, it is hard to control amount of fluid that goes out

- well it is water so it doesn't work on waterproof mascara


This is my first micellar water so I cant compare it with something else. I liked this water and I would buy it again but I would use something else for waterproof mascara .

Cheers! :)